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Our society in recent times has started having more solid conversations around sex. These conversations have also exposed that a lot of people lack sexual values.  So, what is consent? Agreement to do something.The fact that sexual values isn’t rated isn’t surprising because we don’t have conversations about sex. 

   Basic pillars 


NO means NO. If you are a human and you believe you need to be coerced into having sex, you have no business having sex. Why you may ask? Because you are mad, and I am here to tell you that. Also, consent is always required. Just because I consented to one thing doesn’t automatically translate to consent to another sexually related act. 

Someone having sexual history with you doesn’t automatically mean the person wants to sleep with you when you want to have sex. If you have a problem with this remember you are not entitled to the person’s body. It’s sex not slavery or ownership, my dears. 


I know this is what a lot of people would have problems with. Can already here the “so I will now stop after I have started”. Yes, my dear you will. Why? Because no one is entitled to have sex with you. You can’t expect someone to not be enjoying the sex and continue just because you are enjoying it. The moment consent is withdrawn, and you continue, you are camping at rape island. 

With that being said, it is possible for rape to occur in the context of marriage. If you doubt this, you have to  understand that marriage isn’t a slave contract. Your partner doesn’t  exist to solely fulfill your sexual pleasure. If you partner says no and your goat head still proceeds, congratulations you have just committed marital rape.

Empathy and communication are essential components of sex. Be considerate, consider that your partner has needs. Understand that it’s not everything you want that your partner would automatically want and vice versa. Also, say what your want oh. If you want BDSM, say it but if you want vanilla, you better talk. Always and I repeat always ensure you get consent,my dear people. The truth is there are no grey areas when it comes to consent, it’s pretty black and white. So we should sincerely stop acting like there is.


Tell me what consent means to you?

What are your sexual values?

Which other areas of sex should we be discussing?


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