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Hello my people, I am here with a box of goodies. I have been listening to podcasts for a long time and I would like to tell you those I am vibing with. This blog post is to highlight podcasts that will definitely give you ‘mindgasms’. Sooo, let me begin.

Small doses: Amanda Seales hosts this podcast . She is a comedian, actor as well as an all round brilliant creative. She constantly delivers potent truths for everyday use. This podcast involves analysis  of topics with the aid critical thinking, intelligence and also lots of humor. She be dropping gems, spilling tea and having a whole lot of fun.

The link to small doses is here

Jesus and Jollof: Hosted by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji is sure to leave you with laughter and wisdom. They give advice on their experiences in the entertainment and creative industry. The friendship and sync they have is the definition of goals. They discuss topics through the lens of Christians and also “goatish Nigerian immigrants”. Basically, they use their wisdom to help you live your best lives.

The link to Jesus and jollof is here

Forensic Files: This is an HLN produced podcast that deals with solving crimes with the use of forensic science. The podcast is awesome to me because I am a true crime investigation geek. It is not only  intriguing but also relaxing to hear crimes being solved by new or developing aspects of forensic science.  Essentially,  a puzzle is being solved right in front of you.

The link to forensic files is here

The Nigerian American: The host of this podcast is ELDEE the don. Yes,yes, the famous musician. He started the podcast after he took a backseat in the music industry. The podcasts involves the intersection that occurs between being Nigerian and American and how it cuts across different areas like music, business, religion and life in general.

The link to Nigerian American is here

Fareed Zakaria GPS: On GPS, Fareed Zakaria makes the most unbiased, non-partisan opinions on this side of earth. He always finds a way to cut into politics without emotion but with logic. I watch the show on the CNN and immediately I realized it had a podcast, I just had to subscribe.

The link to Fareed Zakari GPS is here

It is essential to state again that these are not the best or the only good ones , just the ones I am currently loving. Listen to them and tell me how you feel. Bye.


Do you also listen to podcasts?

Which podcasts do you  also enjoy?

Have you also listened to any one that I have listed?

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  1. July 14, 2019 at 3:47 pm — Reply

    Hey Tomiwa, first time on your blog and I think I’m in love.

    You’ve got some pretty amazing post and your author’s bio is goals.

    Definitely going to surf through some of your amazing posts all day.

    • Iretomiwa
      July 14, 2019 at 3:54 pm — Reply

      Hey,Hey, Welcome to my blog and I am glad you like what you see. Thank you and I am a new fan of your blog too

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