Hello, my people how have you been? Your favorite lazy blogger has found a way to be consistent, praise master Jesus on my behalf . Anyway, I was on twitter (like I have been doing lately) and @preshgaza tweeted about the lack of sensitivity to sick people in the name of religion that I totally agree with. Side note: Precious is a phenomenal human, go look for her on social media and listen to her podcasts. I promise you won’t regret it. Here is the link to her podcast


The amount of disrespect that comes with falling sick is exhausting. Despite knowing ‘disrespect’ comes from a place of good intentions, it is tiring to deal with if you are the sick person. If you know me personally, you would know I go to the hospital a lot. On this visit to the doctor, I had serious drug resistant malaria and chest infection. I have asthma so the chest infection was punishment, then the drug resistant malaria made my body feel like I was battling the whole of hell. At this moment when I was in a lot of discomfort, I heard statements like ‘Why can’t you stand against the devil and reject the sickness by praying?’ or ‘Why are you not praying not to fall sick?’ 🙄  😕 I get you all mean good but don’t start talking like I wished or wanted to be sick. 


Sadly I have heard statements like this a lot. It’s either someone that hasn’t gone to the hospital in a while wants to lay hands on me in addition to someone saying I am not praying enough. I already expect people to give me a list of things I am not doing right and which in turn explains the reason I am sick. From ‘don’t you want to share testimonies?’ ‘are you not tired of having to use drugs?’ to  ‘You need to fast, pray and read more healing scriptures‘ are all the same to me. All these statements are full of the appropriate amount of should that would make me feel drained and hopeless


Don’t in the name of religion become insensitive and behave badly to sick people in general. Sometimes  all you just need to do is be present for the person. Don’t be like Job’s friends that were basically yarning dust when their friend was going through hell. Although you may feel like you are making things better but you are actually making the person feel inadequate. Nobody wants to be sick so get down from  your high horse named religion and have empathy. If you want to help, pray for the person, encourage,uplift the person soul. Don’t make yourself judge, jury and executioner on a person case, it’s not your place.


What’s the worst that has been said to you when you were sick?

Do you say any of these things to people?

Have you checked Precious Gaza yet?







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  1. Nomad
    October 29, 2019 at 2:44 pm — Reply

    Lol I never do this BUT I didn’t really realise it was that much of a bother to people. Yes I may be immortal and I don’t fall ill easily (even even when I do, I’m still functioning) BUT it is nice to be sensitised

    • Iretomiwa
      October 29, 2019 at 3:12 pm — Reply

      Of course, immortal can’t relate. It needed to be said and I am happy you are receptive

  2. October 31, 2019 at 10:15 am — Reply

    So I just got off a malaria sickness and thankfully those around me are not so “spiritual” but the worst I’ve heard was, “Don’t personalize this sickness, God has conquered sickness”, as if I didn’t know.

    • Iretomiwa
      November 1, 2019 at 8:24 am — Reply

      Why in the world would someone see the need to say ‘don’t personalize the sickness’? It’s well oh. I hope you are feeling much better now?

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