Hello my people, I know I have been gone for a while. Life happened mehn, finally started the work phase of this NYSC thing. I have been waking up 4 and getting home around 10. If you are wondering how this is even possible,I am basically travelling from Sango Ota to Ikeja everyday. Pray for your girl because I am sleep deprived! My eye bags are officially big enough to be called tea bags.

This post isn’t about Nysc, that gist is for later. Anyway to the koko of this post, I saw a tweet from Luvvie Ajaiyi saying how weddings can be annoying. I decided to write how I currently wish my wedding would be. For those people thinking “It’s your wedding, should be your choice.”, I am sorry to tell you guys It’s my marriage and their wedding (by their I mean family members).

I know a lot of my wishes may not even be taken seriously, so I might as well write a blog post about them. First things first, I really do not want to do this white gown thing, I really really feel it’s completely unnecessary. I know some of you would say ‘It’s the norm’ well not for me. Also, I really don’t see the point of doing church wedding. I am a Christian and I sincerely feel the pastor should come to my traditional wedding. This church , traditional  and court wedding to me is marrying three times. Let us just merge traditional and church wedding together, then goan sign at the court and meet you at the reception.

I actually really  don’t want a big wedding but I don’t think that would be possible considering the fact that I have a big extended family plus friends of the family. I have made my peace with that one already. Iretomiwa can’t wear heels to save her life so I am going to wear what Serena Williams wore on her feet for the MET gala.

I also wouldn’t mind wearing black gown, just because I like leaving  people confused. I am pretty sure some of you already think I am weird and I can’t argue with a fact. Besides it’s their wedding so I may not get my wishes fulfilled.


What do you want your wedding to look like?

Would you also be able to get your wishes for your wedding day?

Am I asking for too much?


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  1. Guess
    September 21, 2019 at 8:01 am — Reply

    Off White with a touch of midnight black at the edge of her gown… If bae wants to surprise me. But low key, I feel you. Weddings eh! Thank God I’ve been saying his since. Gimme address, colour of suit and time of wedding. The rest, is all on her abeg.

    • Iretomiwa
      September 24, 2019 at 9:05 am — Reply

      Weddings are the definition of stress mehn. Did you just say you just need address, colour of suit and time of wedding alone?! LMAO

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