What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture is a form public humiliation or shaming with the aim of holding an individual or a group accountable. A pictorial representation of that would be the walk of shame that Cersei was made to do in game of thrones. If you don’t know this scene, please go watch game thrones. 

Anyway, back to the topic, this blog post is dedicated to the ineffectiveness of cancel culture in holding men accountable for their misconduct. I am going to start by saying I don’t hate men, just saying this so that you won’t use the excuse of “Tomiwa is a ‘misandrist’ , always attacking men so this post doesn’t make sense”. Hold on, stay with me! Let me explain what I mean. 

First example, the story of Biodun Fatoyinbo, the head pastor of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly being accused by Busola Dakolo of rape and the events that unfolded was a disaster. Cancel culture was in full effect basically to force accountability but he is currently flexing. No form of investigation was carried out and he succeeded in using the resources of the church to turn the matter to a smear campaign. Which is odd because if you were being falsely accused wouldn’t you want an investigation to prove you are innocent?


Roman Polanski is a writer, director, producer, actor and most importantly an INTERNATIONAL FUGITIVE. He was charged and arrested for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977 and he fled to Paris. He has since won several awards, in fact recently he just won an award that is being described as the “FRENCH OSCAR”. 

 Social media continually drags the hell out of Roman Polanski but he is getting budgets for movies, people are not afraid to work for him and he is nominated and even winning awards. Baba is literally thriving and people are even saying that people that call him out would have failed careers?! 



If you are confused how calling out a pedophile gets you a failed career, you are not alone. 


With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you (if you read this in debate voice, you are a G! LMAO). On a more serious note, cancel culture is ineffective but it’s the only source of accountability we have against the misconduct of men. 

 Many countries do not have laws that can properly hold men accountable for misbehaving, instead we have a system that rewards them. R kelly for example has had a video of him peeing on someone that looks like a minor but we have people discussing about the agenda to destroy black men as if black women that are the victims should be overlooked. R kelly supporters were complaining about the #muterkelly saying how good of an artiste he was as if that was an excuse for him behaving like a possessed dog. We need better laws so that the accountability we seek doesn’t become one of those things we keep on saying. Serious consequences need to follow this accountability so men do not think misbehaving is normal. 


What do you think about cancel culture? 

Do you think cancel culture holds people accountable?  

What are the laws that you think would dissuade male misconduct that doesn’t exist? 


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