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The definition of purity culture varies widely due to personal interpretation, but the general idea is based on a teaching that purity of body and mind is idealized above everything else. It may look harmless at first glance but then we factor in the inherently unfair world we live in then you begin to realize it’s a disaster. One of the major problems is that brunt of the teaching is centered around women.

If you are wondering what inspired this post – the comments of TI, the hymen police  😐 . So, rapper TI did an interview on a podcast saying he follows his daughter to the doctor to check if her hymen is intact. First things first why is he even asking the doctor for her ‘virginity’ test result? You would actually think TI wasn’t a person driven by sex in his younger years.  Also how does TI that considers himself to be an intellectual not know that know that the hymen/virginity test is a scam? The hymen wasn’t created for the purpose of determining virginity. Hymen is formed in infants to serve a protective purpose by helping to prevent germs and dirt from entering the vagina. 

 Medically speaking the Idea of an ‘intact hymen’ is a myth in a grown woman. If you still don’t believe me at least believe WHO that said ‘Virginity testing is an inspection of the female genitalia meant to determine whether a woman or girl has had vaginal intercourse. As shown in a systematic review on virginity testing, the examination has no scientific merit or clinical indication – the appearance of a hymen is not a reliable indication of intercourse and there is no known examination that can prove a history of vaginal intercourse’ To read more on the WHO findings on virginity testing

The purity culture has brought about various ridiculous myths. One of the core principles of purity culture is that there are two kinds of girls/women: those who are “pure” and those who are “impure.” Object examples are often used to explain this: A girl or woman is said to either be a brand new shiny car if she is a virgin , or a used car that everyone around town has already driven and that isn’t worth much anymore because she has had sex. Thereby, tying a woman’s worth to her vagina. 

Another one is women are responsible for a man’s lack of sexual control. Purity culture teaches that women’s bodies and clothing can make a man to ‘fall into temptation’. The sole reason why a woman should be covered or ‘modest’ is to not attract the man’s gaze. When there is a case of any form of sexual deviance from men, you begin to hear “what was she wearing?” “she was tempting him” or a better one “girls will complain about rape and they dress like this” as if girls don’t see guys sagging and still aren’t tempted put fingers in their asshole. They go as far as saying ‘you don’t go to a lion den and not expect to be eaten’, forgetting that men are not wild animals. 


The effects of purity culture have led to various weird and unreasonable practices like child marriage because you want to safeguard her innocence to not allowing sexual education in schools because of fear of perverting the child. Having sex or not is entirely up to you but no one worth is tied to sex, so on that note can parts of the purity culture die now?! 


How as purity culture affected you?

How have you seen purity culture affect people around you?

What does purity culture mean to you?

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